Quizlet Ambassadors are very important to us. They're the teachers who are always out there advocating for Quizlet to fellow teachers. To deepen our relationship a bit more, this past weekend we launched an Ambassador Club Facebook Group.

As expected, a lot of really friendly teachers from around the world signed up to join us and immediately started sharing a lot of great ideas. Some of the best ideas revolve around variants of Quizlet and Quizlet Live. Some teachers have set up Bingo games with printable sheets, some do Quizlet Relays, and one of them in the group even reported on the success of her 1,000 word vocabulary challenge. 1,000 words — and the winner got 998 correct! That's quite a challenge (and quite an accomplishment).

Become an Ambassador & Join the Club

Want to join the club? Membership is open to Ambassadors only, who receive an email with a link to join this private group. You can sign-up here for the Ambassador Program if you'd like to join our ranks. If this sounds like you, you'll probably feel right at home in our little club:

  • You like to spread the word directly to other teachers about how much fun and engagement your students get out of Quizlet and Quizlet Live.
  • You're one of those people who shares materials and professional development resources on how to best use Quizlet in the classroom because it's genuinely worked for you.
  • You give good advice — or at least aren't afraid to try. We look to this group first when we want to debut new features that need smart feedback.
  • You write a blog, make videos, or otherwise are good at expressing yourself creatively. Maybe you want to write something for our blog. We'd love to help give voice to your thoughts and experiences about the intersection of education and technology.
  • You're a curiosity hound online. We follow some great tech and education advocates online who help us dig up useful links and innovative ideas that simply must be shared.
  • You're always looking for opportunities for personal development.

Once approved, we'll send you an invite to the Ambassador Club Facebook Group. The main benefit of joining is being part of a great group of teachers. But it's not the only benefit. We'll share special sales or discounts when we have them on Quizlet Teacher, our special upgrade just for educators.