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Hooray! What an honor! Apple has selected Quizlet as its App of the Day! We’re excited about the recognition and even happier about helping more students learn and study on the go. So why the praise from Apple?

Our newly designed app is a great way to study effectively and stay on top of your subjects whenever and wherever you are. The app is loaded with the same great features you use on your laptop, but with the flexibility of being accessible from your device. This means you can be on the go and create and find study sets, play games to help you learn faster and even study offline (available as part of Quizlet Go and Quizlet Plus.

Don’t just take our word for it. Visit the Apple App Store on your iPhone or iPad* and see all of the great things they have to say about Quizlet. And if you haven’t already done so, download our app while you’re there and get started studying on the go.

*PS: We love our Android users, too. Grab the Quizlet app on Google Play for Android studying goodness.


  1. Trent_DeClaire

    1st and it's nice to see Quizlet get some recognition.

  2. teacheraccount101 PLUS

    Quizlet deserves it!

  3. Lappyhouse PLUS

    Finally apple realizes quizlet yo

  4. Gaster_17

    Glad to see Quizlet get the recognition it deserves.

  5. errorblossom

    great job, quizlet. :)

  6. matelame000


  7. ciara_shannon_11 PLUS


  8. bby_lxon

    10th comment!!! :)

  9. bby_lxon

    Quizlet deserves this!!! :)

  10. Sara_Suiter

    Congrats Bro!

  11. chickenwings43

    Yay Quizlets awesome

  12. Illuminandrew


  13. sparker129

    Good job!!!


    Quizlet for Mac, please~ :)

  15. UnknitBloom6

    eyyyy Quizlet got a mobile app :D

  16. UnknitBloom6

    It is nice that Quizlet finally can be recognized, considering the fact that it helped me study soooo much. Even without an account, I learned so much! Thank you Quizlet!

  17. LealemH


  18. smartrishi


  19. whywhywhy777


  20. whywhywhy777

    quizlet deserved this!!!!!!SOOOO MUCH!!!
    quizlet has done sooo much for me!!!

  21. npokapi PLUS


  22. BeastyBlake101

    Well done Quizlet! We <3 you for helping us learn!

  23. oni_yaa PLUS

    very nice app~

  24. PastelPinkHorse PLUS

    I love this app!! I use it all the time now! :)

  25. SteveOpp


  26. Caleb_Beatty12

    Quizlet is the best

  27. Laurie_Gooch_569

    Cool 👌

  28. HarryPotter3749

    Nice! It's good to see Quizlet getting more and more popular.

  29. Proverbs_2_6

    NO WAY!!!! Congratulations! That's so awesome!

  30. YoyoakaEMileleesuk


  31. marshmallow83

    Quizlet is definitely one of my favorite websites, and soon to be apps!

  32. TheInkDemon_X

    Nice job, Quizlet DOES deserve this. Keep it up, Quizlet.

  33. john_cooper404

    kinda boss doe🤑🤑 but also kinda cringe 😐

  34. HMSDass PLUS

    Ooh yay! Quizlet finally gets what they deserve!!

  35. LM10FTW


  36. skydreamer1115

    Noice 👌 ^O^ good job yay XD



  38. fortnite-beast6

    good job 😀😁😁

  39. Patrick_DeClaire


  40. simonlove3

    Good job Quizlet. (This is the x-th comment, too lazy to count bro)

  41. RydarXI


  42. THeDEVilBihhhh

    HI Derick

  43. tsariina

    Congratulations! :3

  44. Ramona__P PLUS


  45. KarlozM10


  46. undercoat PLUS

    Definitely deserves it. I use this every day. Really helps more than you think on tests!

  47. Purr19


  48. MystaryPi

    Wow! Congrats~!

  49. malkagha

    quizlet has done so much for me
    you guys really deserved it!
    I hope you are the #1 app
    but this is an upgrade!
    congratulations ;D

  50. Teh_meme_lord

    good job quizlet team, I've loved this app and website since I got it

  51. llamalauren26

    Nice job, you guys deserve it

  52. Claire_310

    Yay! Congrats Quizlet! 🎉

  53. pricklyRose12


  54. sahoos9968

    Wonderful job! You guys really deserve it. I am a middle schooler and I use this to study for every test we have. I love this. Once again, you guys really deserved it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  55. Janbear

    I LOVE quizlet. You guys deserved this. YAY!

  56. sahoos9968

    Congrats again!

  57. ZLand2019

    Sweet! Congratulations on this achievement, guys! You guys are doing great! Keep it up! :)

  58. cloudyturtle

    Awesome! I love quizlet :D

  59. Ediaz3002

    just amazing


    About time Quizlet is recognized by a major prouduct of technology.


    Huge milestone for all of Quizlet.

  62. MyNamesNotKai

    200TH HIGH FIVE /\/\/ Great job quizlet. I'm now great at Indonesian thx to you :D /\/\/\

  63. RedApple8787

    Great job!

  64. OldSchoolToronto PLUS

    Congratulations! Maybe, if you give a little bit more care to Android users you could achieve the same in Google Play Store? For an example, add the LTL feature so Android users can be on par with iPhone after 3 years of waiting.

  65. A_L_I_V_E

    👌😀👍 noice except I don't use apple 😂😂😂 rip me 💯🅱

  66. taborthom03

    Hooray! 👨‍🚀👨‍🏫😎

  67. pizzasophie10

    Quizlet is good

  68. ASpanishCat


  69. Yatzel_Elier

    Thats Nice

  70. baljyeet

    Thanks Quizlet, very cool!

  71. maracello

    Quizlet is THE AWESOMEST and it has helped me so much!!

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