As we get ready for the start of the 2018-2019 school year, we want to create a space where teachers can learn from one another and share how they use Quizlet with their students.

To do so, we are hosting our second annual free, all-digital unconference for teachers. As an attendee, you’ll learn insider tips and tricks, discover how to get the most out of Quizlet in the classroom, and earn a PD certificate to prove you’re a Quizlet pro. 🙌

You’ll hear from Quizlet Teacher Ambassadors and team members, and every session will have dedicated time for audience Q&A.

You can tune in for each full day (Wednesday, August 1 and Thursday, August 2), or just attend the sessions that are most relevant to you and your teaching.

👉 Register here for this free event and check out each day’s lineup below!

DAY 1: Become a Quizlet Pro

Gear up for back-to-school by learning the basics of Quizlet, and find out how you can incorporate our engaging learning tools in your classroom this year. By the end of the day, you’ll be a pro at using Quizlet, from creating amazing educational content to leading dynamic games of Quizlet Live.

Day 1 - morning.png11:30 AM - Break
Day 1 - afternoon.png1:15 PM - Day 1 ends

DAY 2: Unique Ways to Use Quizlet

If you’re already an experienced Quizlet of user (or you attended Day 1), join us on Day 2 to learn more creative and advanced uses of Quizlet. Discover the countless ways that Quizlet can be utilized and adapted to engage students.

Day 2 - morning 582px.png11:30 - Break
Day 2 - afternoon.png1:15 PM - Day 2 ends

Please note: Session times are listed in PDT and all sessions are in English. We will be recording each session to share on our YouTube channel.

If you have any questions, please reach out to us. And don't forget to register here for this free event!


  1. srissien

    Will you be doing this again? I am going out of town and really want to take this course.
    Please advise.
    Shelley Rissien

  2. ccammack201 TEACHER

    I have the same question as Shelly. Could you please offer another session preferably Fri.- Sat. since school will be back in swing?. Thanks!

  3. rcwilkins

    I would love to attend Day 2 but I will need to miss the 2nd half because I'm already scheduled for another in person training that day. How would that affect getting a PD certificate.

    I will be doing the Day 1 event.

  4. Cathay999

    Shame question as Shelly. Could you please offer another session preferably Fri.- Sat.

    Could you send the Youtube channel link to us? Thanks!

  5. Lisa_Demarco1

    I have same question as above. Thanks

  6. Mrs-Brady

    This sounds cool!

    Could you please elaborate on how it will be uploaded to YouTube - Will the whole PD be uploaded as one to two easy to find and watch videos, or will each session be a separate video? I'd prefer the first one I described if you're asking me ;)

  7. sharon2thomas TEACHER

    It would be greatly appreciated if you could offer additional sessions either during the evenings (after school hours) and/or weekends. Thanks.

  8. CoachMDWHITE

    Our first day with students is August 1st. Will this be offered again and/or if someone watches the YouTube videos can they still receive the PD Certificate?

  9. dlryan001

    Hello! I have students back on Monday, July 30th! Any way it will be offered in the afternoon or on weekends?

  10. Veronica_Martinez81

    I am also inquiring if you will have other sessions. I am taking courses during the week or if possible, will you offer them on the weekend or evenings, where I can still receive credit for taking the course.

  11. HoffmanScience

    I will be attending a STEM Workshop in person those days. Are there any other dates?
    Are the YouTube videos in two videos - Day1 & Day2? When would they be available?
    Is there a contact for questions after viewing the YouTube videos?
    I love Quizlet and use it for adult learners as well.
    Please advise.
    Ms. E. Hoffman
    Science Teacher

  12. psychlady

    I have the same issue. I am back at school full-time August 1st and 2nd. Will there be a way to earn the certificate by simply watching the videos? Or will you offer it as a course that is downloadable?

    I am really trying to show my principal that I am adding more tech in multiple ways in my classroom, so this kind of opportunity is perfect,


  13. angeliadgrant

    Hi I already have professional development on that dame days. Will this be offer again.


  14. fatih_toy TEACHER

    If we would like to become Quizlet Ambassador, what do we need to do? Or can we become?

  15. clairesampson17

    Hi everyone! For those of you that are unable to attend the Unconference on August 1 and 2, we will be uploading the video recordings of the conference onto YouTube so that you can watch the sessions at any time. When the videos are ready, we will send out a link to everyone who registered!

  16. Ash_Teach

    Salamalikom dears,
    Is this event online? Or do we have to travel and participate? Actually I didn't understand what's is that ticket!! 😕

  17. Nataisha12Allridge

    Hello, I have the same questions as almost everyone listed above. I too will be at another PD, so If I don't register, how will I know when the videos are ready? Do I register anyway?

  18. jimreydaps


    - Philippines

  19. Richard_Cormier1 TEACHER

    I will be attending another PD session on 8/1 and 8/2. Can I still get the PD credit if I view the sessions on youtube? Or will there be another session?

  20. MrsDimmick

    Thank you Clair for your response that the two daily sessions will be uploaded to You Tube. Do you have an idea on when that hopes to be completed?

  21. Tarussio

    I am a student. I'd like to know if all the sessions and paticularly the one, which it'll be all about diagrams if it'll be available on Youtube, and when!.
    Thanks in advance for your time.

    All the best,

  22. SaMerriel TEACHER

    All Oklahoma CareerTech teachers have our conferences both the 1st and 2nd all day long! I would love to view these! Is there any way you can record the sessions and provide them to view at a later date or offer another time to do this training? Pretty please. i want to use the QuUizlet live and see ways to use it in my course.

  23. HaydenHirsh

    That is awesome! Quizlet is really stepping up in the education world. I heard its net. worth was,$433.000,000, thats alot!
    p.s. 25 high five!

  24. HaydenHirsh

    hey ash_teach it sais on the headline, FREE ALL DIGITAL UNCONFERENCE. Hope that helps!

  25. ahbingham TEACHER

    I would love to have access to the youtubes especially regarding language teaching/games etc.
    I am taking a TPRS training Thursday and will miss the lessons you offer.

  26. Colette_Amoroso

    I would love to take this course. Please let me know if you will offer it again before school starts.

  27. gmanson70 TEACHER

    I am very excited about this conference as well, but I have a commitment day two. Podcast? RE broadcast for those who can't catch all parts of both days? Just curious? Awesome classroom tool for my caseload students.

  28. Drhkitty

    Thank you for responding! I'm pretty sure EVERYONE was disappointed at the dates but knowing the conference will be posted on you tube is great news!😅

  29. Russ_Badessa TEACHER

    I plan to attend both days - use Quizlet in my HS Science classes - but know that the best learning takes place when content can be revisited as needed. I hope you will record all sessions & post links on our Quizlet accounts (I have Teacher version) for effortless access to replays. Thanks!

  30. Lori_Howard2

    I can not attend but is it possible to sign up to receive the information presented?

  31. kkltapia TEACHER

    clairesampson17 If we are unable to attend all of sections on the two days, but watch on youtube, would we still be able to receive the Certificate of Completion for our professional development binders?

  32. Latife66

    I couldnt enter please help me

  33. talialona

    I can't join, please help me. send me the link

  34. talialona

    where is the link

  35. dilekduru

    I can not attend.I dont know why.please help me


    Conference links are not working

  37. Sara_Nuckolls TEACHER

    It appears the times are Pacific Coast time. If you are on the east coast like I am the first session is at 11am.

  38. ellreicho TEACHER

    Yes, I have ben waiting for the conference to start since 8 am CST. Please advise.

  39. ellreicho TEACHER

    I also want to be sure I am signed in properly. Entered ticket number and getting the "waiting" signal.

  40. sjang7 TEACHER

    I see the Quizlet Screen "Ensure Your students' success.". Has the un-conference started?

  41. matukec

    Unable to attend due to ill health. When will this be linked to our account?

  42. Judy_Starr3

    Awesome sessions! Learned lots and inspired to expand my use of Quizlet!

  43. Sonu_Sharma67

    I could not participate as its like 3 AM in New Zealand. How can I access the videos of this conference?

  44. amalianc STAFF

    Hi everyone -- for those with questions about joining, if you've registered for the event we will be emailing you the link about 15 minutes before the first session tomorrow.

    As for videos, we'll be recording all sessions and uploading them to our Youtube channel after the event. When these are ready (it will probably take us a couple of days), we will notify people by email, through social and on the blog.

  45. MCJackson TEACHER

    very frustrated tried for an hour yesterday and could not link from 8am till 9am...now again today for 30 minutes. now I see its pacific time..are you kidding? everyone is not on the west coast. why not post east cost, central times..very disappointed.
    Im a paying subscriber for two years. i expect better. our time is very valuable..

  46. Jeffrey_Gamble TEACHER

    I wanted to thank to organizers for their professional organization of this PD event. They gave us the times in both PST and EST, even though I am in Asia and had an 11pm to 4 am time @@. A bit tired, but worthwhile to gain tips and useful guidance. I'm a bit curious about the PD certificates, since I'm applying for promotion in a couple of weeks and my PD hours are quite valuable. Can I ask when they will be emailed out? I'll join on both days. Thanks!

  47. Jeffrey_Gamble TEACHER

    In fact, due to the useful information, I've paid for the upgrade! This free PD experience makes it clear that is with 3 dollars a month! Thanks again 😁

  48. Dorie76 TEACHER

    Hello. Will you be sending us a certification of participation. I'm sure you will, however I may have joined under a different email than I registered under. Thank you!

  49. Esther_Keller7 TEACHER

    Useful information, love some of the ideas of other teachers and users. Thank you for sharing!

  50. MissKelley1 TEACHER

    Hi Claire! I'm loving the unconference so far. However, I cannot participate in the Q&A because the button for it does not show up. Do you have any advice? I'd love to ask a few of the questions I have for you guys.

  51. limourer TEACHER

    This is going to be my first year teaching. I have found this information very valuable and I hope I can start the year implementing quizlet in my classes using the power teacher tools. I am so glad that the Pacific Time was specified in the page. I am glad I read the instructions and have no problem joining the webinar. This second day is more interesting than the first day. I am looking forward to have my students engaged as I am now! Thank you so much for doing this for us. I would have liked to see math teacher presenting. THANK YOU again!

  52. Nena_Felton

    Yesterday's session was very informative as a review. However, with there being summer break it was also quite refreshing and brought back memories of fun-filled classroom competitions! The most enlightening portion was the Quizlet Teacher information. It's so important to be able to demonstrate the use of technology with the ability to monitor student progress as well. The time adjustment was somewhat of a task, but I look forward to today's session.

  53. Nena_Felton

    Hopefully, this coming school year I'll be able to purchase the Quizlet Teacher.

  54. Frau_Carmen TEACHER

    Hi Claire,
    This was a great conference. I have had a teacher account for about a year but this made me ealize that I have not used it to its full potential. I especially liked to learn more about diagrams and way the Quizlet games can be played. Thank you!

  55. doranag TEACHER

    Can you send the link for the teacher account special deal for those who took the course? I thought I copied it down, but can't find it. I'd like to join for this year. I enjoyed the conference. Thanks.
    Adair Doran

  56. Mark_Fenrick

    Thank you to everyone that organized this event. I have been using Quizlet for two years, but learned I can be doing so much more with it! I appreciate your attention to detail and the great communication regarding start times and login information...made the experience very worthwhile. I also appreciated the fact that I could come and go throughout the Unconference....picking and choosing the topics that I wanted to view. Well done!

  57. susantoerge TEACHER

    Thanks, I did sign up but missed it and would lvve to watch the videos. I have been using quizlet foreverand enjoyed working on the beta for Quizlet-live!! I would like to become an ambassador and earn the PD certificate.

  58. dmroland TEACHER

    When do we get our PD certificates?

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