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We’ve all been there before…it’s test day, we’re busy, on the go, and in need of a review session to get exam-ready. Instead of spending your brain power worrying about how you’ll fit in a study session, use it to study. Your solution: the newly designed, Quizlet mobile app — available free for iOS and Android.

The Quizlet app is great for studying while waiting in line, on the bus, or pretty much wherever you have your phone and time to study. Even better, the app comes with the same great features you use on your computer, but without needing to be with your laptop. This means you never miss a beat and all sets you’ve created (and Quizlet’s huge library of study sets created by other students) can be accessed whenever needed.

Want another reason to download the app? Offline access makes it easy to study from the lowest level of the library, the subway, or a mountain top — aka anywhere internet access isn’t super reliable. And, you can also use your phone’s camera to take pictures of content you want to study and instantly upload it to a study set. Both of these mobile-only features are available with Quizlet Plus — which you can try out for FREE for seven days, only on our mobile apps.

So, to recap: don’t worry about how you’re going to squeeze in that last minute review. Download the Quizlet app and never miss a chance to study when on the go!

Quizlet has your back. Anytime, anywhere!

Text me the Quizlet app now!

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  1. Nurk1n

    First to comment!

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    THIRD ''Elementary Nerd''

  4. babypanda480412

    LOL hahaha

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  6. undercoat PLUS

    5th. Cool.

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  8. shorta127

    is this thing new? i thought i saw it before.

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  10. marshmallow83

    10th xD

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  13. s428971

    meme is my sisrher

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    I'm the 13th or 14th depending on how we counted :)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

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  16. Aniya1489

    What is this?

  17. MystaryPi

    Wow! That's pretty neat.
    Sort of wish that offline thing could be for everyone - not just Quizlet Plus users.

  18. cooperrabin PLUS


  19. Bella_McKinnon

    Hey, that's pretty neat! I had no idea this existed but will be sure to download it so I can study while going out as well! Thanks, Quizlet - your site (and soon, app) has helped me learn so much. I use it for Japanese and because of Quizlet's easy access and amazing study techniques, I'm currently coming equal 1st in my year! Thanks again, team!! xxx

    -Bella, a very happy customer

  20. finleyoscar10

    I have had this app and been using it for 3 years don't know why its only been advertised now

  21. Rich_24


  22. babyasparagus


  23. iiOMqloveRavenclaw

    Hi love this idea that you can study ANYWHERE including OFFLINE services
    quizlet encourages us to study more anywhere LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  25. UrDailyDose_of_MEMES

    I am the LAST to comment : )

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  27. SteveOpp

    Yay. An update without an agenda...🙄😀

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  30. AkoSaotome

    Nyaaa~ That sounds cool!

  31. InkyDemonGirl

    Already have it and it's SUPER EFFECTIVE!

  32. BrandonLockey PLUS

    Hey quizlet please add ability to add pictures on both sides of flashcard, making good flash cards for chemistry is pretty much impossible without this feature....

  33. amazingSmartCookie

    I like the app, I don't have it but I know to get it if I ever need to study for a lot, this will come in handy. I take ALL my notes on Quizlet.

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  35. Joe7tka


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    hi ppl. :)

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    61st O_o

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    64 as in nintendo 64 xD

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    ello mate!

  51. Hailey-Hodgson

    67th comment btw X3

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    68th lol I am so late Xd

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    Im first No CAP

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    72nd comment!! I'm definitely not first haha!!

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    73nd and no one cares about the mobile app much :)

  56. Lillian_Belle_Cain

    74th! XD

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    Whoa, 75th!

  58. TheRealAdam_Law

    Reach 100!!! Reach 100!!

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    78th :/

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    79th what are these comments

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    REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE idk what number but bam in here

  65. teacheraccount101 PLUS

    Wasn't there already a Quizlet app, or is this one improved?

  66. acito_artist


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  68. IanOrtiz02 PLUS

    Already got it

  69. PastelPinkHorse PLUS

    Cool! :)

  70. Gabriel-Campbell

    Offline notes used to be something everyone had. You removed it a few months ago, during last years finals (great tuning). Now you add it as a premium future? Absolutely ridiculous!

  71. Ediaz3002

    *shrugs* ok i guess

  72. Super_Sid


  73. Super_Sid

    Only Quizlet Plus gets offline studying on the app! #Scammergotscammed

  74. jeremiahknighten

    i like it

  75. jeremiahknighten

    i will download this on my sister's phone

  76. Abi_da_MOOSE

    That's cool! I'll check it out!

  77. Abi_da_MOOSE

    Can't wait, thank you!

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