Every once in a while, I see a teacher who uses Quizlet in a new and unique way. And I perk up.

I love hearing from educators with creative variants of Quizlet and Quizlet Live. A few of my favorites (so far) include Quizlet Live Playoffs, Match Relays, Flyswatter, and Hide and Seek Vocab. And those are just a few of the ones we've already written about on this blog. There are many more, and I've made it my mission to uncover as many as possible.

Gotta Catch 'Em All

I want to know all the ways teachers are adapting Quizlet to fit into their classrooms. Some teachers don't have enough devices to give out to everyone, so they end up making Quizlet Live work by having students take turns in novel or interesting ways. And it's not just Quizlet Live that people adapt to fit. When I hear, for example, that a teacher is creating extra-credit vocabulary games by exporting Quizlet vocabulary sets into a crossword puzzle generator so students will have yet another way to learn the material, that really piques my interest. It isn't something I would have thought to do, but when I hear about it — it's kind of genius.

Tell Us How You've Adapted Quizlet

Do you have creative ways you've adapted Quizlet or Quizlet Live that have gone over like gangbusters with your students? Or, do you know of a variant that you use that maybe others would want to know about?

Tell us about it by filling out this short form.

If it's your idea, tell me how it works. If it's someone else's idea, point me to it by including a URL or other information about where you saw or heard about it.

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